Hey everyone!!

For my first article I'm going to be doing @martugnzlz 's My Name in Cities challenge! I saw this challenge going around and thought it would be great to do to start getting into writing articles.


Barcelona, Spain

Temporarily removed architecture, travel, and church image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Rome, Italy

beach, city, and italy image Image removed Temporarily removed rome and building image

Istanbul, Turkey

istanbul image istanbul streets image istanbul image sea, blue, and istanbul image

Amsterdam, Netherlands

amsterdam and travel image Temporarily removed Image removed amsterdam, travel, and water image

New York City, USA

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Naples, Italy

architecture, aesthetic, and palace image beautiful places, fashion, and Fashion girls image sea image Amalfi coast, architecture, and beautiful image

Athens, Greece

sea, ocean, and summer image Image removed Greece, greek, and aesthetic image Greece, summer, and love image

I hope you guys enjoyed this!! I tag anyone who wants to do this challenge!