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Leopard print is a cool, luxurious looking statement piece to add to an outfit if you're trynna look boujee and expensive. I know that leopard print can be quite hard to pull off cause if you don't style it properly, you can end up looking tacky; however, in this article, I'll show you some amazing ways you can wear leopard print in a way that will make you look stunning!

1. Wear a leopard print scarf

A leopard print scarf is a good piece to add to your winter ouffit - trust me, its such a beautiful statement piece to add to a simple winter look.

Make sure you wear a neutral coloured sweater to tone down the amount of detail in your outfit. A neutral sweater also helps keep all attention on your leopard print scarf and also avoids an overload of pattern and colour. Finish off your look with a baker boy hat, a pair of jeans and thigh high boots.

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2. Wear a leopard print faux coat

A leopard print faux fur coat looks amazing when its worn with a cool street-wear outfit.Wear a black turtle neck top, denim jeans, black ankle boots and accessorise with a black baker boy hat. Finish off your entire neutral street-wear look with a gorgeous leopard print faux coat - which will make your entire outfit look instantly glamorous

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3. Wear leopard print heels

Leopard print stilettos are perfect for a fancy night out with your friends or when you're going on a date night with your bae. You can pair some leopard print heels with a black sweater, black skinny jeans and a beige / brown chic trench coat - or you can just wear a black bodycon dress and finish off your look with leopard print heels; either way, these heels would look bomb with any of the outfits.

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You could dress up some denim pants with some classy leopard print jeans as well.

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4. Accessorise with a leopard print clutch

Sometimes its the little things that can turn an outfit from bland - to glam, real quick. A leopard print over the shoulder bag can make your entire outfit look fancy without the effort. And what better way to accessorise with a leopard print clutch, than with a white monocromatic outfit; the white just adds a luxurious touch to the look.

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5. Leopard print sneakers

I know that your reaction to leopard print sneakers right now is like: "WTF!?", which I totally understand; A sneaker covered in full-on leopard print is definetly a no , no - but some kicks with some leopard print details can actually look really fancy, especially when the rest of the colour palette for your outfit remains clean and simple, to keep your look balanced.

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6. Leopard print sunglasses

Leopard print sunglasses are the perfect accessories to wear if you wanna look expensive. Glasses in this print can give an ordinary outfit an effortlessly chic look. These can be be your go-to glasses during the summer when you need to shield your eyes from the blazing sun in style.

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Thanks for reading, loves! I hope this article has inspired you to incorporate some leopard print in your outfits :)

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