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welcome back to another article. today i am going to be explaining what exactly makes a friendship a toxic one. after reading this article, if any of this applies to you, parting ways with this particular person may be much better for you in the long run.

" if you find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth to someone, you have already forgotten your value" - unknown


1: they judge you about everything

"why are you wearing that?", "why did you pick this?", " why couldn't you do this?" sounds familiar? everything you do, they always have something bad to say about it. you went somewhere new, but you're afraid of their snarky comments or insults. its seriously annoying and degrading and you feel like you never can live up to their expectations. you shouldn't feel bad or unwanted after hanging out with your friend. it's normal to have significant differences but a good friend should show mutual respect.

2: they don't care about how you feel, or your opinions

this person is talking to you about a certain topic and you you try and share your opinions and feelings but they completely disregarded whatever you are trying to say. they think they are always right about everything and they don't accept anyone else's opinions otherwise.
a good friend should be open minded to new ideas and be a good listener. maintaining a good friendship requires a certain balance, not a friend that overpowers you and thinks they are the boss. it just doesn't work.

3: forces you to do things that you shouldn't be doing

we all want to have fun. its normal. i get it. however, if your friend is forcing you to do something you both know you are not supposed to do, stay away from a person like that cause they will only cause you trouble. don't do things you should not be doing just to impress or attempt to be "cool" because it will not be worth it. if your friend has a problem with that, they're not your real friend.

4. they take advantage of you

in my opinion, i think this is a big one. like i said before, friendship should have a certain balance. they help each other. if the other person asks you for this and that and never give you anything in return, it extremely draining and your letting that person take control of you. don't let people use you. end of story.

5. they are two-faced (cowardly)

friends should be honest and comfortable with each other. they should be able to tell each other anything. trust is a big part of friendship. if your friend acts one way towards you but is completely different behind your back, it's extremely unhealthy and not fair to you. they should be able be themselves in front of you. also if you find them talking behind your back, it's best if you stay away from that person as much as you can. if they were your real friend, they would express their "concerns" in front of you.

okay so that's all. thanks you so much for reading this article and feel free to give me some feedback if you want. also check out my previous articles and show some love so i can make more content like this. xoxo - hannah