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So i wasn't really sure about doing the "This Is Me Challenge" because i don't think that pics can describe my taste in music or movies, books etc. Also my style changes A LOT, really, you are not the same that you were 3 months ago so...But in other hand i really wanted to try it because it seemed so fun so here is my version of this challenge.

Credit to the creater of this challenge!

1. Style.

beauty, french, and red image outfit, fashion, and girl image fashion, jeans, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, aesthetic, and jeans image fashion, style, and outfit image girl, city, and grunge image fashion, sweater, and turtleneck image aesthetic, fashion, and summer outfit image Image by sahra ♡ fashion, adidas, and girl image
Just a little of what i like, i love trying different styles tbh.

2. Colors.

water, aesthetic, and theme image forest and nature image nature, forest, and trees image sky, pink, and purple image Image removed flowers image flowers, sky, and sunset image stars, galaxy, and pink image
Lately i've been really into color produced by nature itself, such as how the water looks when the sun kiss the little waves, how green leaves are, how beautiful the flowers colors are...and the sky and galaxies...just amazing.

3. Personality.

meme, reaction, and soft image justin bieber image meme and camila cabello image meme image drole, funny, and happy image bts image
frases, sarcasm, and tumblr image
a little piece of me. Explaining pics: hard to give love tbh hahaha, justin's face is like one of my top 5 moods, i'm kind of always happy, i'm there for myself bc gurl i'm awesome ok. GOSH i love pranking ppl i love xd. And also i'm kind of awkward...like af

4. Music

I'll make this short: 50's, 70's, A LOT of the 80's and 90's music, and a little of the 60's.

I also listen to other musicians from this time lol, but i'm to lazy to write their names so...yeah.

5. Movies.

Again, i CAN'T choose because there are a lot but i'll say the ones that come to my mind now.

The Breakfast Club, movie, and Breakfast Club image Image by claudia Clueless image disney, feed, and icon image ferris bueller's day off, movie, and 80s image Abusive image 80, andrew, and movie image quotes, sixteen candles, and grunge image school, quotes, and pretty in pink image weekend at bernie's image 80s, film, and guy image audrey hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and black and white image james dean, cigarette, and black and white image letters to juliet, amanda seyfried, and movie image
There are WAY much more but these are some of my favs

6. Food.

food, nuts, and rasberry image apples, grape, and pineapple image breakfast, celery, and colours image fruit, blueberry, and dessert image slice, foodporn, and cheese image cakes, food, and fruit image fruit, food, and healthy image aesthetic, blue, and bottled water image

7. Passions.

fitness, girl, and workout image Image removed Image by Fred planet, black, and space image travel, world, and map image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

8. Animals.

elephant image puppy, cute, and animal image animal, cute, and lion image animal, animals, and love image giraffe, animal, and kiss image Animales, beauty, and friend image africa and rhino image adorable, polar bears, and touching image Mind Blowing, the boss, and zebra stallion image Image removed Animales, ojos, and mirada image wolf, animal, and nature image
i love almost all the animals honestly.

9. Fandoms.

harry potter, hogwarts, and platform image harry potter, divergent, and book image lydia, scott, and teen wolf image pretty little liars, lucy hale, and ashley benson image friends, ross, and f.r.i.e.n.d.s image the big bang theory image

10. Fav Super Hero.

batman image the flash, barry allen, and flash image superman image captain america, edit, and movie image spiderman, andrew garfield, and the amazing spiderman image Image by Cristela
They are my main ones.

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