Feeling jealous is not a sin and much less a crime, but it is true that they become annoying and in some cases they become quite serious. But here I have some tips that have worked perfectly for me.

I hope you find them useful and remember them.
Enjoy your relationship, be loving with your partners. They chose you because you are unique and special

1. Don't think bad: don't let your mind "fly" in such a way that you fantasize things that do not exist. When it happens, try to do another activity that makes you think of different things.

2. Don't explode and don't say things without thinking: take a deep breath and try to differentiate reality from the fantasy you yourself entered. Analyze the situation and determine if your anger is for something reasonable or not.

3. Trust is important: everyone must have their space, activities to do alone. When he / she leaves, don't imagine that he / she will go in search of someone else and when he / she arrives at home, don't do a police interrogation, that will only make him or her bored.

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4. Speak in a good way: if you feel it is necessary to let him/her know about your jealousy, do it in a calm, take it easy. Doesn't attack and also allows him/her to explain.

5. Forget your past: the fact that past relationships have ended due to infidelity doesn't mean that the same thing will happen in this new relationship. Not all people are the same and your current partner doesn't deserve to pay for the mistakes of other people.

6. Look for coherent explanations: for example, if your partner doesn't answer a call or a message quickly don't think it is because he/she is with someone else, thinks that he/she is busy, sleeping, bathing or something similar. But keep in mind that the explanation must be logical.

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7. Everyone has their own life: remember that before being a couple, each had their own social circle. So be autonomous and creative so that jealousy moves away from you.

8. It is not bad to talk with other girls / boys: Learn to respect your friendships, sure you do it too and that does not mean that you have an interest in other people.

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You both are together for thousand reasons. Enjoy your relationship

― Love, Angela ♡