when ur me u have no friends

playlist link is https://open.spotify.com/user/12130055273/playlist/4QsS2pHikMtX5Hbw9nGcUG?si=2TQ6YhcQT22_j97sxq_qug

1. Humongous - Declan Mckenna

boy, meme, and reaction pic image declan mckenna and okaylary image

2. Real friends - camila cabello

Image by salgh98 beach, life, and girl image

3. XO TOUR Llif3 - lil uzi vert

meme, rap, and rapper image tumblr, wallpaper, and 3d image

4. Best friend - Foster the people

awesome, perfect man, and photo image vintage, foster the people, and hands image

5. liability - lorde

alternative, indie, and melodrama image ️lorde image

6. punchin' bag - Cage the elephant

cage the elephant image cage the elephant, matt shultz, and indie image

7. Woke the f*ck up - Jon Bellion

indie, text, and alternative image music, photography, and Lazy image

8. Best friend - Rex orange county

o'connor, rex orange county, and apricot princess image Best, county, and eyes image