I love Charlie & the Chocolate Factory: The Musical so much, you guys. The music is amazing. The OBC cast are incredibly talented. And the Brat Pack are literally my favourites. If you have seen my Top 5 Broadway Dream Roles video on Youtube, you may know that Veruca Salt is one of my dream roles.

So, without further ado.
The Brat Pack of the Factory.

Veruca Salt

pink, fur, and coat image ballerina, ballet, and shoes image Temporarily removed Image removed

Mike Teavee

yellow, internet, and quotes image yellow, pokemon, and game image games and pacman image mtv, aesthetic, and rainbow image

Violet Beauregarde

rihanna and riri image Temporarily removed quotes image Image by Sony Domm

Augustus Gloop

brownies, chocolate, and cake image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed food, chocolate, and churros image

You guys will hear from me soon.

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