hey everyone i'm here today to recomend some of my favorite songs that everyone should listen to

1 - nothing left to lose - kari kimmel

I've got all the time in the world / and every night to think of you / and empty seems to last forever / but I guess I've got nothing left to lose

2 - honest - mali-koa

if my heart had a choice / I'd tell you the stories / I'd always avoid / I'd be honest to you, honest to God

3 - vows - naomi scott

you'll still be looking out for me / when my mind is a mess and my heart's not there / but i'll be coming back to you / cause you smell like home and your love's still there

4 - polaroid boy - nicole zefanya

you hurt me / when I loved you / so selflessly / well, I wish you well / but on nights like this I wish I never fell

5 - property - macy kate

boy why you wanna kill my hopes and my dreams / how dare you leave me broken hearted when I gave you everything / can't believe you lied to me / when I gave you all of me