Hello to all the nail lovers,

I have always been a nail lover myself and my nails are almost always polished. However, my nails used to break easily and get that yellow colour that reveals lack of health. After a long time of having such nails and trying to find ways for them to look (and actually become) healthy again by reading articles on the Internet, I have gathered some helpful advice and want to share it with you!

1. Always use acetone free nail polish remover. Acetone is really harmful for your nails and it causes more damage than nail polish does. In addition, acetone free removers are equally as expensive and effective as the ones with acetone, so why not use them instead?

2. Always let your nails breathe between manicures. Give your nails one or two full days of being naked and they will reward you by being stronger.

3. Use a hand cream or essential oil of your preference (coconut oil, almond oil etc.) especially between your manicures. This will give your nails the moisture they need in order to be healthy.

4. Do not use metallic files, but only paper ones, as they are not as hard on your nails.

5. Do not buffer your nails. This is an unnecessary step that only contributes to weakening.

6. Do not use your nails as tools. Try to do some everyday things, such as opening a can of cola, without using your nails. Use a fork instead, it is just as easy and will not ruin your manicure.

7. Lastly, obviously do not bite your nails. Not only for the looks of it but also because it can cause infections that will trouble you.

Thank you for reading my article, I really hope these tips help you!

See you soon,