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As a writer, you have to be many different people at once. You have to be a sinister antagonist, a daunting protagonist, a charming love interest, and many other characters interchangeably. It can be hard to bring characters to life when there's so many things that have to be brought to a story. Some writers focus more on the plot, and that's completely fine! Personally, I can read a book that has a boring plot if I get attached to the characters, but not one that has boring characters. I have found that most of the time your characters will drive your plot and make it interesting. I've decided to write an article over some of the things I wish I would've been told about creating characters before I began writing my book. I've made it as simple as possible, so hopefully it will help some of you writers out there!

Before you create a character ask yourself these things.

1. What will this character bring to the story?
2. How do you want the reader to view this character?
3. If it is not the main character, what is the character's relationship with the protagonist?

Giving your character complexity
1. What will break this character?
2. What is this character's biggest fear?
3. What are some moments in this character's past that has shaped who they are?
4. What are they passionate about?
5. What are their morals?

Making your character realistic and relatable
1. ARCS!
If this is a character that will stick around throughout your series, what is their end game? How do you want them to change? How do you want them to stay the same?
2. Memorable Features
Give your character something ordinary that, when your reader thinks about that thing, they will think about your character. For example; in my debut book my main character has a question mark tattooed on her wrist. Anyone who reads it will now see question marks and think of my main character (hopefully)
However, this doesn't just have to be main characters and this doesn't just have to be physical features. I have one character that loves science and one that loves the ocean. These things make them who they are and gives them life.

How to use weheartit as a tool to create good characters
I like to create character boards for each character in my book by using weheartit collections. It is a great way to keep characters organized. You can also pick out a few actors that fit your character's description and work off of pictures of them. Here are a few examples of those

three VERY different characters that I have developed with some help from collections. plus it's fun to create character boards ;)

I hope this will help you create characters! Feel free to message me for any comments, questions, feedback, or even some other topics you'd like to see me do an article over:)

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