Hi everyone! I'm doing the writing challenge but I changed the second day for this tag :D

1.- Favorite Song:
All fall down (One Republic)

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The lyrics are really beautiful, I think everybody should listen it

2.- One song you hate:
Anaconda (Nicky Minaj)

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I mean, honestly… what kind of song is that?

3.- A song that makes you sad:
Small bump (Ed Sheeran)

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It is sad because reminds me hard times in my family.

4.- A song that reminds you to somebody:
All you had to do was stay (Taylor Swift)

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Well, this person just left and I don’t blame him but… all he had to do was stay. That simple.

5.- A song that makes you happy:
This is me (Keala Settle)

Image by Kany Image by Kany
Since I heard it I can’t stop singing it, is super beautiful and makes me smile a lot.

6.- A song that reminds you a specific moment:
Paradise (Coldplay)

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I can’t listen this song without thinking in the Shibsibs (my favorite ice dance pair) they’ve this routine that is just AMAZING!

7.- A song that you know the lyrics perfectly:
Alexander Hamilton (Lin-Manuel Miranda)

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I love this musical.

8.- A song that makes you dance right away:
This is what you came for (Calvin Harris and Rihanna)

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9.- A song that helps you going to sleep:
Nostalgia (Yo-yo ma)

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Honestly not but his music is so powerful that makes me feel a lot of emotions. Some song relaxs me that much that I can go to sleep with a huge smile on my face.

10.- A song that nobody would expect you to like it:
Coconut (Harry Nilson)

Image by Kany

11.- A song that you can relate to it:
Someone like you (Adele)

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It’s hard to explain but I feel this song like ours.

12.- A song you used to love and now you hate:
Happy (Pharrel Williams)

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It was such a popular song so I don’t like it anymore, I heard it so many times that I’m tired.

13.- A song from your favorite album:
Two Ghosts (Harry Styles)

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I don’t a favorite album but I’m still obsessed with Harry Style’s Album.

14.- A song you can play with an instrument
Any song. Sorry!

15.- A song you've sung or you'll like to sing in public:
All apologies (Nirvana)

nirvana, grunge, and kurt cobain image kurt cobain, nirvana, and grunge image
Is my favorite Nirvana’s song. I used to sing it every day couple times when I was younger.

16.- The perfect song for driving:
Breezeblocks (Alt-J)

Image by Kany Image by Kany

17.- A song from your childhood
I’ll make a man out of you (Mulán)

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Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies. I love every song in the Mulan soundtrack, but this one… is everything. Right?

18.- A song that inspires you:
It was always you (Maroon 5)

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19.- One song you'll like to be played on your funeral:
No hard feelings (The Avett Brothers)

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Is really beautiful and peaceful. This guys are truly awesome.

20.- One song you’ll like to be played of your wedding.
When I say I do (Matthew West)

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