best friend application

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indiana, baby!

age and sign

14, sagittarius


laughing and crying and trying to pull myself together 24/7

why are you looking for a best friend?

because i love meeting new people and i want to help people and talk and laugh and make a new friend or two.

what type of music do you like?

all over the spectrum. current faves are: lewis watson, eminem, and green day


playing piano, learning spanish, talking to my friends, texting, doing my makeup, stalking celebs

favorite movie/book/tv series

movie- HANDS DOWN coraline. this movie is one of the most incredible productions i have ever seen. i love the people at laika and this movie is just so awesome.
book- lots. if i has too choose, all the bright places. this book made me cry so many different times. it was incredible.
tv show- i don’t watch much t.v. other than
disney with my sister.

three things you hate

loneliness, lost love, and prejudice

three things you love

my family, my God, and going to see movies in theaters

what do you find yourself arguing about frequently?

injustices against myself or my friends, not much else. i fake argue with my close friends a lot, but it’s all in good fun.

preferred form of communication

texting! i don’t like face time, i don’t have snapchat. i like texting.

ideal best friend

sweet, but a little sassy. open, not secretive. can take jokes, but still sensitive. will both listen to me talk about my problems, and doesn’t hesitate to rant about theirs.

don’t be scared to dm me!! ill love you no matter what 😂