I'm here to spread the good news! Jeuus loves you!
In case your'e feeling skeptical if God even exists , read this:

- There's more evidence that Jesus existed than Julius Caesar

- Jesus fulfilled more than 55 prophecies! (predictions written centuries before Jesus was born)

- Jesus rose from the dead and there's more than 4 accounts! Why would all those people just make that up?

- Jesus performed miracles, and there's multiple ancient sources other than the Bible stating this

- A lot of the people mentioned in the Bible are confirmed historically accurate

- Earth is the perfect living environment for living things. If we were any closer or farther away from the sun, living wouldn't be possible.

- We have a perfect system - the water cycle.

-We have oxygen that we breathe, from plants!

-We have night time for when it is time to rest.

- We have gravity, if we didn't we'd float away

- Everyone has souls (the part inside your body that controlls everything you do. Basically, you without your body) that are all unique! Our life and soul can't just come from an explosion of density.

- Just look at nature and the pets around you! Its created in God's image, and you are too! And God loves you so much that he sent Jesus to come die for our sins.

All of these "coincidences" point to our creator! Life isn't just an accident with no purpose! This isn't our eternal home! So go spread the good word and pick up a bible and form a relationship with Him today!
He loves you!