Hey guys, I just realized that... you know nothing about me! I'm going to change the way I do my articles because I've been caught up in this routine of doing three "how to"s and then a random article. But I feel like doing more than how tos so I'll just start writing whatever I feel like writing so my articles will get better cause then I'll fully enjoy doing it! So...

Here's 25 facts about me!

1. Horror movies are my shit, especially the old ones!

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2. This girl is also addicted to makeup and the beauty industry in general, I really see it as art.

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3. My favorite movie ever is Peter Pan (never would've guessed)

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4. I have one older sister and she's probably the person I'm the closest to.

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5. I have a thing for tattoos and piercings.

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6. I've struggled with an eating disorder and mental problems but this bitch is owning it and overcoming the darkness inside her head.

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7. I like most people (except if you're mean for nothing, then I probably hate you) (Trump if you're reading this you're the worst and I hate you).

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8. I want to be a writer of course (maybe I'll do an article about that).

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9. I'm a French Canadian (that's why I suck at writing in English but I do want to get better lol)

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10. My favorite book ever is Looking For Alaska by John Green

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11. I really enjoy reading and writing poetry (actually thinking of publishing something... who knows)

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12. My main idols are Justin Bieber, Blackbear, 5 Seconds of Summer, Mayday Parade, Selena Gomez, Jack & Jack, Shawn Mendes and Maggie Lindemann.

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13. I get pissed off all the time for absolutely nothing (working on that I promise)

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14. If you ever need help, I will gladly be here for you.

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15. I actually really like doing this.

16. I wanna live in California cause I miss it so much!

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17. My emotions and feelings are always on a rollercoaster, I'm not stable at all.

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18. Walt Disney World is my favorite place on earth and I'm obsessed with everything Disney Related.

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19. Ravenclaw.

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20. I'm all for body positivity and feminism.

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21. I never buy anything that's tested on animals, I'm really against that kind of stuff.

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22. My favorite TV shows are American Horror Story, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Friends and Stranger Things.

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23. Obsessed with music festivals (going to 4 this summer)

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24. I'm poor af

25. Love my friends and my family more than anything

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Hope that was enough for you guys I love you more than you think!

Love, Sarah x

Sarah Pan
Sarah Pan