Hello, heartiiies I am gonna to do this challenge because I love to travel and it is really interesting what countries hide in my name.

I do it with countries and not citys because I' m not only want to travel to only one city, I want to see more of the country.

I travel to none of this country before, only the country in which I live~ Austria
All of these countries surprise me all time because ever since I am 7 I wanted to travel to the jungle like Puerto Rico, Brazil nowhere else. But this all changes a lot in the last years I fell in love with the destination I never thought I will.

Ready to fell in love too?

T Thailand

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This beautiful islands and pretty hidden places.

I see myself there getting lost but who don't want to get lost in paradise and for me, places like that are the incarnation of paradise. I think I could never move there but for vacation, finding my real spirit it will be interesting and inspirational.

A Australia

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I love the Beach

Since I learned in school about Australia it is a dream destination for me. Sydney is in my top 5 of the most beautiful cities ever and I definitely want to see a kangaroo.

T Turkey

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The food is so delicious my English tutor brought me all time baklava from her Istanbul trip. I guess the big market will be the perfect surrounding when I am hungry. (I am always hungry btw.)
The architecture seems pretty amazing and magic too.

J Japan

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like this blossoms *.*

I don't know I never wanted to travel to Asia because the language is so different so it will be difficult to communicate. Then I am thinking about China and that it has to be pretty interested. When I talk about Japan, I always forget that Japan is so different than China and definitely not the same. I like the most the many colours and trees, I will travel in spring when everything is full of blossoms.

A Austria

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I guess I can say natural beauty

Where I was born. Of course, it isn't paradise like I call Thailand or my favourite destination at the moment like I will mention below but It is my homeland and always be. (even when I will move to another country and ever feel more British than Austrian, but home is home) I am happy that I grow up in such a natural country like Austria.

N Norway

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Have to cry, soo unbelievable beautiful

I wanted to spend my 18 birthday somewhere else. So my best friend and I were thinking if we want to go north or south. Snow or Beach. We always end up north, Norway to be exact.
I fell in love with this country so hard. I could always begin to cry when I see the most beautiful pictures of a place in Norway and when I watch some travel diary too.

A Egypt

I take it as an A because in German it's written with an A/Ä.

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My parents travelled to Egypt. It was one of their first journeys as a couple and before I got born. I am so jealous of them. I want to travel to places where so much of my friends say no way, Africa is one of this countries. I really want to travel to Egypt, ride a camel and be in a desert (even when I hate sand a little bit).
I don't know if I will go into one of the pyramids because it is potential that I might get claustrophobia.

This is my name in Countries I hope I will someday travel to.


Applause, I found out how this hole article thing works (only took me a week), but now I can do it.
I really want to interact more with you heartiiies so text me what YOU want to do in this countries or if you live in one of them what I should do there.
I am sorry @fms_justme but a B isn't in my name but I really want to be a part of the carnival in Brazil and visit you there. You are a wonderful person and I am so happy that I met you here on we heart it. This was for me like that heaven send me an angel. (could have been a little early for mention this but feels like it )

Thank you for the amazing pictures I put them all together in one collection