Once there was a boy roaming in the town. He was loved with a girl to whom he doesn't know. One day he promised to meet that girl and proposed her. But how he could proposed her? He even doesn't know her name. He met her in a Golgoppa shop. She was eating golgoppa with her friends. He went to that girl and asked you know why I am coming here. Girl: Who the hell you are? I don't care why you are here? Boy: I just wanted to know your name. I think your name is rose. Girl: What? Idiot, My name is not rose my name is Elina. Thank you said the boy and went away.

Again the next day he met the girl and asked hello Elina can I speak with you for a while please! Don't look at me I will take you eyes and call the cops. Oh my dear no need to call the police. Listen there are more times to Take my eyes but let me see you first. Take my mind but let me think about you. Take my hand but let me touch you but don't try to break my heart because I love you. I don't love you. Boy said, Can I confess something? There are a lot of birds whispering only about you, you should once listen to them, then you would know how much I love you. Bye take care.

The girl went to her home that day and can't sleep at night. She was thinking about that boy. It was reminds her again again. His voice was echoing her ear only. She felt in love with him. She wanted to meet him the right away at night. But.... The next day the boy was sitting on a road wall. The girl went there and grabbed him from the back and said I love you yaar. I can't live without you anymore. The boy said I love you too. The girl finally accepted her proposal.
That is called real love.