''Through the valley I may walk, but You are all I'll ever need!
Gave Your life to take my fall, so in this storm I will have peace.
So come the storm, I'll still believe!''

Hello and welcome to another article of the 'Overcoming Insecurity & Anxiety' Series.

Today, we are going to talk about how to develop but also how to use your faith. God wants to be and feel complete and secure in every aspect. And in order to reach this level, we have to go through many trials. But the bible fortunately tells us that if our faith is tested, our endurance will probably grow and eventually, we will be perfect and complete, lacking nothing ( James:3-4)

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The enemy knows what is at stake, and he will try to distract you and discourage you and keep you from trusting God and putting His Word into action. So everytime you encouter trials and troubles and they cause you to be anxious, remember what James said in James 1;

2 Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.

James also tells us to to keep praying and not quit until the answer comes.

We maybe have done the will of God many times. We have done what God wanted us to do, but ''nothing'' happened, no blessing and no 'Well done!'. But God also wants us to learn how to be still and and trust Him.
Because if we don't exercise endurance, we won't be able to receive the promise. That's why the bible keeps reminding us of the importance of patience. ( Hebrews 10:36)

Also ask for wisdom! God delights when you ask for wisdom.
If you lack wisdom it will be hard to act right in hard times and especially to learn.
God communicating wisdom to us, can be through us reading the Word of God or directly through the Holy spirit speaking to us.

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When I was going through I hard time, I couln't understand what was going on and especially why. I was serving in church, attending daily bible studies and prayer nights, I was tithing, trusting God and growing, but still nothing, and I am not joking, nothing was working out for me. I had no money but depts, I couldn't afford uni anymore, I became sick and needed to take meds, the guy I was interested in chose someone else and the list goes on.

So I asked God a simple question; Why?

God spoke to me and told me what I was lacking. First thing was trust and the second one was wisdom. I went through a lot of things and instead of concetrating on what I can learn from this, I was concetrating on the pain and how everyone was getting blessings over blessings. Instead of focusing on God's promises, I was focusing on me and my very limited understanding.

Pray for God's wisdom. He will speak to you, if you ask and He will make His wisdom known in the hidden part.

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And it might not look like God is working and this might be frightening and maybe cause your anxiety to kick in, but remember: We live be faith not by sight.
We should not force God to manifast in our lifes the way we want it but let Him do it His way.

Are you prepared to take a step of faith despite your fear today? Are you willing to trust God to do His work? And are you ready to overcome your fear of what might happen?

#Prayer: Thank you, Father, for all you are doing. Thank you, for the doors you are opening and the ways you are making. I know Your hand is guiding me, so teach my soul to sing Your song, even when my eyes can't see and I'm afraid. Give me the strenght to carry on but also bless me with Your Wisdom and teach me how to be patient and still. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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That's it, I hope it wasn't too long. Thanks for reading.

Buckle Up and have a nice day. And don't forget you are loved.

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- Ruthy