I wanted to make a Youtube video abt what to bring, but I'm a flop, but if you would like to see one pls lmk!

You need to bring a backpack. This is pretty obvious, and the type of backpack is completely up to you. People often bring draw string bags. I prefer a backpack. I'm not one to crowd surf, and draw string bags really hurt my shoulders.

Water!! Another obvious thing to bring. They usually allow you to bring in one unopened bottle of water. Some venues might throw the bottle caps away - and I find that really stupid - Make sure you keep an extra cap at the bottom of your bag or something. They have a free water bottle station that you can fill up your bottle whenever.

Snacks!! I am somebody who likes hot food so catch me waiting in a long ass line to spend $12 on some disgusting chicken tenders. I always bring small snacks for example fruit snacks, granola bars, an apple, orange. Small things. Picture of the food I got last year.

A think jacket/Poncho. I swear it ends up raining at every warped tour I go too. Just bring something tiny that you could easily toss in your bag. If you don't feel like dragging around a jacket bring a poncho. I just look so horrible in a poncho si I suck it up and bring a jacket.

Portable chargers. I bring four. You never know if one won’t work, or your friend might need one. They usually have a tent where you can charge your phone for a small fee, but then you gotta wait around and wait for it to actually charge. Some bands even sell them pre-charged.

Sharpies, and something for a band to sign if you’re planning on meeting a band. Last year I went to a signing, and didn’t have anything for the band to sign so I had to buy this pink had that I never wear for them to sign.

edicine. I usually just bring a small bottle of Tylenol. Just in case I get a headache or something.

You should also bring
a little travel size deodorant. Little hand sanitizes. A small first aid kit. Sunglasses.
I bring a little zip lock baggy to store all of my chargers. Just to keep it all organized. I brought my DSIXL once to keep me busy while I'm in line to meet bands lmao. I got all of the tricks and tips. Anyway thx for reading!

- Youtube video -