Being happy is one of the most important things in your life.
After the many times i got disappointed and hurt i found myself critisizing my own body and thinking that it was all my fault.
But oh boy was i wrong!
I just simply had to change my life...

I started living more healthy and lost weight, i sadly lost some good friends because of a fight, but as it turned out it was pretty good for me, and i found new and better friends who accept me how i am.
I changed my style which is hard at first but trust me it´s worth it, and most importantly i became a more positive person!
I look forward to a day in a more positive way now, and i also see myself more positive.
To sum it up i became more self-confident and proud of who i am and what i am doing at the moment.

Sometimes changing is good.
And sometimes you just need a bit of changing to become happy again.

if you need someone to talk to, i am right here so don´t be shy.


-just a girl with many thoughts