Hi guys welcome back, in today's post I want to do the "If I were a..." tag! I saw it on @3th3r3al_ 's article

Let's get started
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𝟙. If i were a clothing style

fashion, jacket, and clothes image black, fashion, and girl image fashion, style, and girl image Image by ♡ N I X I E ♡
Any kind of jacket!! I simply love jackets and I think that a good one completes the outfit giving its more dazzle

𝟚. If I were a color

flowers, rose, and pink image Temporarily removed flamingo, girly, and hair image pink, neon, and light image
I don't want to be obvious, but it is my favorite color at all!!

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𝟛. If I were an animal

tiger, animal, and wild image lion, animal, and wild image
I'm a bit conflicted in answering this question because I don't know what to choose between these two. Tiger for me is symbol power and dazzle; on the other hand lion symbolize nobility and elegance.

𝟜. If I were a season

Temporarily removed summer, sea, and jump image Temporarily removed Image by ᴹᴼᴼᴺ s͙h͙i͙n͙e͙

𝟝. If I were a time of the day

bed, sun, and sea image city, room, and view image
Sun rise, which is symbol of rebirth

𝟞. If I were an element

fire, friends, and marshmallow image

𝟟. If I were a song

flowers, music, and pink image Temporarily removed
It is very difficult to choose just one song, but one of my favorite is FAST CAR by Jonas Blue... It give me a sense of freedom and it make me think about summer

𝟠. If I were a boy

model, boy, and body image Hot, boy, and sixpack image Mature image guy, abs, and boy image
Matthew Noszka

𝟡. If I were a movie character

dylan o'brien, the maze runner, and thomas image
Thomas from The Maze Runner

𝟙𝟘. If you were a mythical creature

Temporarily removed
A mermaid (I don't know if it is a mythical creature but if it is that's the answer)

𝟙𝟙. If I were famous

amazing, baby, and blog image

𝟙𝟚. If I were a dessert

food, waffles, and breakfast image food, strawberry, and breakfast image

𝟙𝟛. If you were a school subject

room, bedroom, and home image school, study, and notes image

Thanks for reading, and if you arrive till the end you are really patient. XX