It sometimes can feel like your cup is overfilled. Like you can't stand being on this crazy planet anymore with that insane mind of yours. Your thoughts are running over and over again, telling nothing new. You feel stuck in the same vicious cycle, unable to break it. Time passes speedily but at the same time it feels like the eternity..

It is scary and really uncomfortable, but it will pass. At least for a while you can feel at peace. Even if you are happy 1/3 of your time on earth... it is worth it, right?

There were maaany times when I felt like I was done. I was drained physically and mentally, and I don't even know what is worse. But every single time I survived. And grown. Came out stronger. So even if I feel like the weakest person in the world right now, tomorrow might be different. Just hold on and wait for it.

Goodnight xx