hello everyone! I saw this tag go around for quite a while so I thought it would be interesting to do it. I did change some things just to change it up a bit from the usual tag. All the credits go to whoever started this tag-

a; age

b; best book
after series

c; color of choice

Temporarily removed Image removed

d; date of birth
14 of july

e; earing type
hoops or simple little figures

f; favorite movie
the last song

love, kiss, and miley cyrus image

g; game

h; height
1,59 (5'2)

i; in love with

Temporarily removed books, poetry, and livros image

j; jealous
of long lashes

k; killed someone

l; last time i cried
yesterday watching the latest episode of the fosters

m; middle name

n; number

o; one wish
find love

crush, neon lights, and love image fashion, gucci, and style image

p - person
my mom

q - quote
"all great achievements require time" or "whatever our souls are made, his and mine are the same"

r; reason to be happy
music exists

s; song
she loves control by camila cabello

t; tv show
the fosters

u; underwear color

v - vision board

aesthetic, flowers, and orange image aesthetic, alternative, and vintage image fall, flowers, and vintage image aesthetic, alternative, and vintage image

x - x-rays
i have done quite a few to be honest

z; zodiac sign

This was all for today! Feel free to do this tag ! Don't forget to check out my others posts.