Living broke can turn someone humble or into an unpleasant human being.

Living broke can have its ups and downs but you gotta keep your head up and know where to find resources available..

In many cities out there if you're under the age of 25 they will be some type of youth community with a whole bunch of ways to help your needs.

In my city there is a youth action center.

They provide housing programs for the ones who are homeless or need somewhere stable to live.
They have meals all around the day.. for FREE!

They even have movie nights and a bunch of activities.

there's also food trucks that hand out free meals. Or go to your local food bank for a month supply of food.

A lot of different resources out there that can help a lot if you need it.

even for a job, if you're looking; there's a lot of social services that can help.
if you need someone to help with any tasks in you're daily life, they can assign someone to come with you to appointments and what not to get your life together...

Being broke.
I'm currently broke as hell, and have nowhere stable to live and I'm still living my life to the fullest. And i can honestly say this is the happiest I've ever been.

Having everything available to you at your fingertips can turn someone depressed.
I remember living with my parents, all i did was lay in bed, eat a bunch of food I never had to work for and just spent all of my time on Netflix...

Now that I am older i realize I rather work for something and have it come to me for free.

Having a job, having your own place and having your own shit together feels great.

stay tuned for when I got all my shit together lol...