this is what i want my dream home to be. yes, this is earlier in the day then i usually write, but I've got stuff to do today and i woke up at 6:00am

Where: London

london image
i've always wanted to live in london, the weather, the places, everything about it.

With Who:

girl, friends, and style image baby, big eyes, and puppy image
i want to live in an apartment with 3 of my other friends,1 of those girls and i talk about it a lot. We'd also have a cute little King Charles Spaniel

What would it Look Like On the Outside:

white, city, and house image
i feel like these ones are something we'd all love, they are so cute!

Living Room:

aesthetic, blanket, and cozy image
i want to say that our living room would be classy but, it wouldn't we'd have pillows and blankets everywhere.

My Bedroom:

light, room, and window image aesthetic, bed, and bedroom image
i feel like it's basic, but i really wan to have my bed under a big window, and lots of wall space for pictures ans stuff.


kitchen and white image
i feel like we'd have a big, nice kitchen that people would only use to make cereal in and get food out of the fridge.

anyway, thank for reading and hope you enjoyed! bye.