The outlook on life can be meaningful and divine. Life is seen through various diverse sets of eyes and is viewed extraordinarily differently.

The other night I was chatting with a friend who told me that I had an interesting and unique outlook on the world. Perhaps he is right, perhaps he is wrong, I don't really know. This is what got my mind imagining how everyone perceives things creatively through their own eyes. We all have various views on everything, whether that be interpretations of books, songs or understandings of paintings. What is fascinating to me might be mediocre to someone else or what you may believe is inspirational and moving might not have the same justice for someone else.
Why? because everything is understood through several sets of eyes and never is it looked at the same way. Perhaps it is more of a psychological thing, they have done experiments on the brain functions and psychological meanings of the proverbial phrase to whether the glass is half empty or half full. Which is it? Half empty or half full? everyone will have a diverse answer and that is a powerful thing to understand.

Who we are and our perspective alter everything, the things that I am in love with others aren't, the things that I notice to be incredibly dull and tedious others relish. What I believe alters the way we see things is the path we have previously travelled. We all have a story to tell, we have all progressed down a path that has been different to others in some sort of way. I believe the reason why some of us never see eye to eye on things is that we haven't walked in each other's shoes. We only know what it is like to lead our own shoes, never anyone else's. They always say some of the kindest people have been hurt the most and felt the most pain, the most beautiful eyes have cried the most tears and the prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets, perhaps that is quite true, after all, our perspectives draw character to who we are.

If we think about it, if everyone had the same perspective on things, the world would go around much smoother but there would be no room for broadening the horizon. We'd all become narrow-minded. If we all thought with the same process, we would quite literally be fish swimming around a fishbowl striving to escape but having no way out. There would be no new books to read because they'd all be the same.

Have you ever notice how there are thousands of love stories but none of them are the same? They all end differently.

Why? Well, the writer has their own vision for the narrative and each reader has a different set of eyes to inspect the novel. Nicholas Sparks has written at least 18 different books, that is 18 different perspectives from one man given to millions of people who have read them all differently.

Amazing, isn't it?

The more you sit and ponder about the way life is and how we all examine things diversely, the more you will be quite mind blown. All the pieces that have been comprehended in this world have been viewed by millions of people in millions of varying forms.

"Everybody lives their lives differently. They have a different perspective. They've been through different things in love. They've cried about different things." - Luis Fonsi