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I'm sorry, I should have posted this article two days ago, but I had a really bad panic attack that made me feel bad all day.
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Ok, so Today for my LGBT format I'm going to tell you my favourite five gay youtubers who made me feel proud about myself. And, most important, tought me to love myself just the way I am.

You know, sometimes it's hard to open up about sexuality with friends and parents. We are afraid of rejection and all we really need is comprehension. We need to hear those words. You're not alone. It's OK if you born this way. But mostly we need to know that there's a chance to be happy this way. And what more perfect than see other people like you talk about their stories?

Troye Sivan

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Troye Sivan taught me to be always true with my self and not change for anyone. His songs are LIFE. I truly raccomend.

Ally Hills

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Ally Hills is just an explotion. She's more like "Bishhh I'm born this way and if you're not good with it just go fuck yourself!" We all should be more like her sometimes.


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She's my favourite. I LOVE her channel, she gives so much advice about life, sexuality and be confident with ourself. JUST GO TO SEE HER VIDEOS PLEASE.

Miles Mckenna

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Miles is a transgender gay guy who has just completed his transition and I think it's not over yet. I've been following him for a long time, since his name was still Amanda. By the way both his videos are fun and above all they make you feel good and at peace with the rest of the world. I recommend it to everybody.

Connor Franta

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Honestly, he's so cute. How can someone not love him?

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I finished my list. Try to watch their videos and tell what you think. Did you already know them? Did you not? Let me know with a postcard.

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