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And that's why I decided to write a little article about the songs that I have been growing up with ! :d

1 - My favorite song

uhh I don't have a favorite song but if I had to choose a song right now, I would say breathe - Jax Jones.

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2 - One song you hate

I don't like roar - Katy Perry.

3 - A song that make you sad

pretty when you cry - Lana Del Rey

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4 - A song that reminds you of somebody

fire - BTS

5 - A song that makes you happy

last friday night - Katy Perry

6 - A song that reminds you a specific moment

kind van de duivel - Jebroer, DJ Paul Elstak (intacoo best way to learn and have fun <3)

7 - A song that you know the lyrics perfectly

honeymoon avenue - Ariana Grande

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8 - A song that makes you dance

go go - BTS hahahah

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9 - A song that helps you going to sleep

at seventeen - Janis Ian (well it is a sad song but nevermind)

10 - A guilty pleasure song

russian roulette - Red Velvet

11 - A song that you used to love but now you hate

game over - Maitre Gims & Vitaa

12 - A song from your favorite album

this is what makes us girls - Lana Del Rey

13 - A song that you can play with an instrument

I can play la valse d'Amélie - Yann Tiersen (it is such a beautiful song)

14 - A song you have sung or you will like to sing in public

are you gonna be my girl - Jet

15 - The perfect song for driving

stay high - Tove Lo

16 - A song from your childhood

this is me from "camp rock" - Demi Lovato

17 - One song you will like to be played on your wedding

moonlight - Ariana Grande

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18 - one song you will like to be played on your funeral

get free - Lana Del Rey

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19 - A song that nobody would expect you to like it

désaccordé - Vald

20 - A song that you like the lyrics

avion malaisien - Lomepal

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