I grew up thinking I was the problem, the older I got the more I realized that society is the problem.

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Loving yourself in a society that relies and even prospers on you hating yourself, is the most rebellious thing you can do.
Think about it.
If you don't like the way you look, there is the beauty industry that will take care of you starting stuff like with Foundation and Mascara and even goes as far as offering plastic surgery.
The fashion industry will promise you that these clothes will make you cool for this season and make you look thinner with these pants called skinny jeans.
The healthcare industry (depending on where you live)will promise on making you happier when society has beaten you down so much that you have to seek help and will fill you up with antidepressants.
The fitness industry focusing less on how health and more on losing weight to fit a certain standard.
Your insecurity is big business.

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Have a conversation with yourself. Distance yourself from superficial stuff such as looks and start working on your inner self.
Light up candles. Worship yourself.
Get out of the mix.
Delete social media for a while. I deleted Instagram for a while after comparing myself and it was the healthiest think I could've done at the time.
Write or make some art.
Write down daily affirmations.
Do something that you want to do for yourself only.
Start building a relationship with yourself.
See yourself as the unique character you are.
Everyone struggles in this society.
Put yourself in a bubble of positive energy and confidence.
You must protect yourself at all costs

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