Ever heard of the term "Americaboo"? Yeah. Me neither.
An attempt at explaining why ppl are salty about the popularity of K-/J-Entertainment and what actual fetishism is.

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Don't get me wrong there are people who fetishize Asian culture and they take it to the extreme (but there is also people who fetishize black culture and black people and last time I checked there is no term for them but whatevs). This Article will be a little explanation on why we K-Pop Fans/Korean language enthusiasts/K-Drama Fans/Anime Fans (although I think its considered cool know I guess)/J-Pop Fans/Japanese language enthusiasts are looked down upon and quickly brandmarked as Koreaboos/Weeaboos. ( A really touchy topic I am aware)

So, yes, I am a K-Pop/K-drama and Korean language enthusiast and I get shit from it from certain people and because I've heard a lot from other "something" enthusiasts saying their friends despise them for liking "this Chinese stuff" to the point were they think they might be Koreaboo/Weeaboo.

It's funny because the whole world consumes American culture through American Entertainment. People (myself included) have learned English through American music and tv shows. I study American culture. People could say people dress American, talk American, they adopt the slang and (mostly) speaking the American accent when speaking English.
Yet no one thinks this is a problem. (Which it isn't)
When people say they consume Japanese Entertainment, have learned Japanese through Japanese Music and J-Drama, Study Japanese culture, dress Japanese, talk Japanese it becomes a problem.
Granted we're talking about a culture that is much more isolated, homogenous and rich in tradition and when people wear cultural gowns and traditional clothing this could be considered a problem but it's not on you to judge it's on Japanese people to judge.
And of course, it's also a problem (a HUGE ONE) to physically alter yourself to look more Asian (or black or white for that matter).

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Another thing that I have realized is that this hate is rooted in racism. I live in Europe and whenever I watch Documentaries (in mainstream TV channels) I find it funny how America is depicted as this place where you can make it, the Land of Dreams, Land of the free (You don't have to be an American studies person to know that this is bullshit) and Asian countries are depicted as this weird and unsafe place where people eat weird stuff and do weird stuff.
Racism against Asian people was and is always happening and is hugely downplayed. Asian people are not properly represented in mainstream media and if than its only to be mocked about (Long Duk Dong in Sixteen Candles was the joke of a generation) and now that the popularity of K-Entertainment and J-Entertainment is increasing, the economic growth causing serious competition for the US and Europe it does not surprise me that it is confronted with negative comments.
(Nerdy comment: Just, in general, it's really worth it looking into the history of both Japan and Korea. It's pretty interesting)

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(Don't get me wrong: Thinking Korea/Japan are heavens on earth and Korean and Japanese people are the closest to godly people and wanting to move to Korea/Japan to be closer to Koreans/Japanese people because they are these godly people is of course problematic. Trying to find Korean or Japanese Partners, putting words like Sarang, Oppa, Kawaii, Senpai in your daily vocabulary to the point where its just super...you know...cringy and inappropriate is a problem as well.
They are people and their countries are countries with the good and the bad aspects. I mean the US is also not only flashy L.A and pretty famous people)

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And in general when it comes to K-Pop: people need to stop being close-minded human beings who can only relate to something if it's in their language. We live in the 21. century, you can use a translator and I bet you're rather vibing to the instrumentals of Gucci Gang rather than the actual lyrics

I am not a Korean or Japanese Person to say that I am offended and I think when it comes to issues like these only they are in the position to say what is inappropriate and offensive and what is not. (Just as much as black people know best about what is racist towards black people and what is not)
Again, a really touchy topic so I would really appreciate if you guys would message me saying what you think about that.

Speaking of representation
Thank you for reading