I don't normally do this but....why not? So here are twelve funny things that I do and don't judge me because you know you do it too

1. In the morning when my mom bugs me to wake me up , I go in the bathroom and I turn on the water to act like I'm taking a shower and then I just fall asleep on the bathroom rug

2. I sometimes make other accounts just to stalk my crush because I'm scared to follow him on social media

Cause you know I gotta look cool, he has to follow me first

3. When I have my headphones on sometimes I lower the volume to hear what others are saying and they think I can't hear but really I can

4. Whenever an ice cube falls on the floor while I'm trying to get Ice, I just don't feel like picking it up so I just kick it under the refrigerator then it melts

Boyyy them floors be slippery cause of me

5. When my mom asks me to get the groceries from the car, I literally hold everything all at once because I'm not trynna go back and fourth and take a second trip

10 bags on each arm, my hands be hurting but no bag left behind.

6. Whenever I'm in the car, I just stare at the window and pretend like I'm one of those people in those Advil and medication commercials who just stare and smile at the window

7. Sometimes I just come up with these funny jokes the night before and the day after I just be waiting to just burst them out in the right time

8. Whenever I walk across a group of guys , I pretend I'm on my phone
Like I just do not want to make eye contact what so ever

9 . I always carry two packs of gum, one that's full and one that's empty. So if anyone were to ask me I would show them the empty and be like " that was my last one,sorry"

10. I always try to close the refrigerator slowly enough to catch what it looks like with the lights off

11. Sometimes I try so hard to move things with my mind like those X-Men Characters

12. I would walk inside a store and be like "oh that's cute" then after looking at the price tag I'm like "never mind , no it's not

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