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Feeling stressed? First of all, don't worry! Being stressed about school / college / work is totally normal but not a feeling that anyone wants to experience. Here are my top tips to how I deal with stress:

Take A Long Shower:

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There's something really calming about taking a long shower and just letting yourself have that moment alone to relax.

Talk It Out:

As soon as I talk my problems out with someone I instantly feel alot better and calmer. So definitely don't deal with your problems alone :)

Listen To Music:

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Studies have shown that listening to your favourite song does actually decrease stress.

Don't Avoid Your Problems:

By avoiding your problems you will only stress more about them later so it's best to just face the issue head on.

Do Something You Love:

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Make sure that you are regularly doing things you love and are passionate about like reading, watching your favourite netflix show, or playing an instrument.

Don't Be Afraid To Cry:

Lot's of people think it's weak to cry and let your emotions out but I find sometimes there's nothing better than a good cry and I feel weirdly calmer afterwards.

Make To-Do Lists:

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I find that taking the time to organise and make to-do lists when I've got a bunch of things to do does help to calm my stress levels because I've got exactly what I need to do right infront of me.

Have A Pamper Night:

It's so important to look after yourself and I think having a pamper night with your friends is a fun way for you all to take some time out and relax together.

Exercise Outdoors:

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I find exercising outdoors instantly makes my mood more positive. It has also been scientifically proven that exercising does relieve stress.


Life is way too short to spend time stressing so try not to let things effect your mood too much because it's really not worth it.

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