today I want to do an "outfit ideas" article. One of my friends (greetings to Nisi) wanted me to do something like that and in my opinion these articles aren't just interesting, in addition to that they are aesthetically pleasing too.
That article shall try to represent my own style/the style I like.
My favourite shops at the moment are Pull and Bear, Zara, Brandy Melville and Hollister. I like 80's vibes and grunge too.
Just have a look at the following pictures :)


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so shoes are hooooly to me. As you can see I need shoes to be comfortable. Dr.Martens have a vintage vibe to it, just like the vans old skool which are just an essential to me. For being a bit more classy I wear my chelsea boots.

knits and sweaters

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I have way too much sweaters but that's okay because here in Germany is sweater wheater almost the whole year. Grey knits are just goals but I also really like red at the moment. But big, junky sweaters with stripes (from Brandy Melville or Pull and Bear) or hoodies are my faves... you can't go wrong with them.


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Even if they are better for fall flannels are a go-to for winter if you combine them with the right pieces. Under a simple crewneck they look classy and cool at the same time. With some mom jeans and a turtleneck they look like the 80's and who doesn't love the 80's??

mom jeans

fashion, jeans, and style image fashion, jeans, and outfit image Temporarily removed mom jeans image
Sadly I just have one pair of mom jeans from Levi's but they are my absolute favourites! They look sooo nice and are cushy af. With a simple knit and some Dr.Martens.... ugh GOALS.


rainbow, yellow, and aesthetic image grunge, black, and shoes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It black, alternative, and avocado image
Some people seem to forget about how a nice pair of socks can make an outfit look more put together. I love striped socks and I have been looking for some avocado socks for years...


beautiful, beige, and bling image Temporarily removed anchor, bracelet, and grey image pandora and rings image
Less is more. Keep your jewellery simple to add just a little detail to your outfit. I always wear a necklace with a white heartshaped stone, my ring from Pandora, 2 bracelets (Paul Hewitt and Thomas Sabo) and some simple earrings and my helix - everything in silver. Everyday.

So my friends of the night... let me know where you like to shop your clothes. If you liked this article and if you want me to do more of them show it with a heart :) stay tuned!

Btw I'm going to start an insta account to upload nice pictures and quotes. name: