Hey guys, it's Sara here. Enjoy this little "poem" I just wrote:

To those letters never sent,
to those text messages only typed,
to those thoughts never said,
to those feelings kept inside;
you were the real mistake.

After all whatever you thought, wrote or felt at that time, that was you and why would you want someone in your life who doesn’t know, like or love the real you?
Am I right?

I'm lucky enough to have some awesome people in my life whom I can be myself with now, but I've had my fair share of "fake friends" in the past. I'm just 17 years old, but from my experience you can't truly love someone else unless you love yourself first and the only way to do that is figure out who you are and accept it. So I guess all I really want to say is be yourself and you'll get the best friendships and relationships!