Sometimes I thnik my life would be so much easier if I were a boy. Especialy when I'm getting ready for Sunday night – so, I'll give you some reasons.


hair, beauty, and braid image Temporarily removed
Let it be straight, curly, put it in tail, make bun?..


girl, eyebrows, and makeup image girl, hair, and lips image
Even I don't put a lot of makeup, I know most girls do. And yeah, you look preattyer but it tooks so much time.


aesthetic, eyelashes, and eyeliner image beautiful, beauty, and eyebrows image
I'm talking about eyebrow plucking. That's so so annoying! Lucky boys!!


gold, jewerly, and ring image earrings, girl, and piercing image
Silver, gold, in color.. necklace, bracelet, earrings, watch, ring.. so so much to synchronize..


clothes, jeans, and style image maxi dress, dress, and prom dress image
Dress? Or shirt and skirt? Or jeans? Yeah yeah, so much combinations.


nails, stars, and black image Temporarily removed
Long, short? In witch color? And then waiting to dry..
boy, car, and girl image fashion, girl, and legs image
SHAVING LEGS Probably the worst part. It could als obe very paifull so again – lucky boys!


alternative, elegance, and fashion image converse, fashion, and shoes image
Heels, sneakers, boots in winter, or sandals in summer..


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Small or big – and of course it has to match whit outfit.

And of course I know boys do things like hairstyle, choosing clothes and shoes, but in my eyes, all that is so so so much easier to them. I'm sorry if I'm wrong, this is just my opinoin.
xoxo, t 🦄