Try to find something that you are grateful for. By doing it, I hope you can start love yourself the way you are. I believe everyone has something special, and here are some things that I am grateful for:

1. My Parents

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I am grateful that they are still together. They argue a lot, but everything is fine. parents make mistake, no one is perfect.

2. My Height

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I am 163 cm tall or in America standard is 5 feet 4. It is above average for Asian women, I just google it and it is also the average height of American women.

3. Clear Face

I rarely have pimples in my face. I guess I have to thank my hormone for this.

4. Thick Hair

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Because I always heard some of my friends complaining about their hair and they keep telling me how lucky I am to have such a thick hair. I didn't even consider it as thick until my friends told me so.

5. No Underam Hair

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Literally none at all. Since i hit puberty, I always thought that only boys have underarm hair. Until my aunt gave me a razor and i didn't know what to do with it. so I asked my mom, apparently she didn't have underarm hair too. So I guess it is something that runs in the family.

I still have so many to be grateful at that i cant even write down every of it.
I think everybody has things to be grateful for, because everybody is special. That is the beauty of it. You just have to look into yourself. Remember that those who are born with privilege rarely aware of it.