Too many times in my life I have heard what am I suppose to be.
Although, nobody asked me what do I want to become.

There is a new and powerful generation growing and I am glad to be a part of it. But so many of us are still have these stereotypes put on us.

Just a few things I want to share with you, in order to motivate and influence you as a woman of this new generation.

Firstly, you must watch sex and the city. Why? Because you find Miranda there. A woman's character created more than 20 years ago reflects most us these days. And you know what? She is a perfect inspiration to all the girls who are not so much independent and brave to embrace themselves.

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You go, girl!

There are no time limits to make your dreams come true. I mean, most of the woman hear about needing to have children or a husband in the society created age gap. But honestly, I hope that all of you know that there is no limit. You don't want to give a birth? No marriage? Your decision is not changing others lives. Wanna be a lawyer with three cats? Wanna buy yourself a house? Screw them! Live a life you will remember.

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Don't let a man complete you. The right one might come, might not. But do not let the other person complete you. You have been born like the whole. Not just half that needs the other half. You have most of the things in couples, well good that means you can handle shit yourself.

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you are beautiful in the way you are. No makeup or no diet can make you more beautiful. We are beautiful for being us. No one should dare to say other vises. Love those curves, those saggy boobs, stretch marks, acne scars, belly fat, short legs, skinny legs, anything and everything. It makes you-you.

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You are just as good as boys are. Why should it even be questionable tho...

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Same if you are part of LGBTQ. We are all humans. Hello!?

Whatever the hell you want to do in your life. To be a journalist, mom, security guard etc... Work for it even if they say you cannot. Oh yes, you can!

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I could talk and talk about this. To me, this topic is one of the most favorite ones to talk about. Even in the times like these, where we have technologies and so much more. There is still a deficit of humanity. I believe in this generation. We can finally make the difference that this world needs.

Please, be part of good!