Since it's March and my birthday is coming up, I just want to share the things I really enjoyed while growing up.

I was born in the city but my family moved to the countryside when I was about five years old. I spent my childhood there and I will always treasure the memories I had back then.

Since the place I grew up in is really a typical countryside, there was no electricity not until around 2002. When our place had already an access to electricity, families started to buy TVs, radios, and other appliances.

My family just lived beside my grandparents' house (literally because our house is adjacent to our grandparents') and my grandpa bought a radio. He usually stayed in their house because he already retired from his old job (working in a bus company). Everyday, he listened to music on his radio, unlike our neighbors who were usually tuned in to dramas by the local radio stations.

I never had that much interest in music but when I was exposed to songs because of my grandpa's hobby, I came to build a love for this type of art. I became even more passionate when my oldest sister introduced me to pop songs.

Since those times were in the early 2000's, I grew up being a big fan of Westlife (until 1st year college). Whenever I didn't have a class, I always turned on the radio and tuned in to my favorite radio station. If Westlife's song was being played in the radio, I always see to it that I would finish the song, familiarizing myself with its melody and lyrics.

90s, album, and boyband image 90s, boy, and boyband image 90s, boyband, and boys image 2000, 90s, and boygroups image

Their first song I learned was Swear It Again. For me to memorize the song, I had to copy it on my notebook so I could sing during my break in school. I kept singing the song until I memorized, without even knowing what the song meant (haha!).

But I enjoyed doing those. I relished every moment of it and until now, I can still sing along with the band's songs whenever I hear them. How I wish I could make a cover of their hits but I've got no guitar since mine was destroyed TT.

Anyways, I'll be writing more of the things I did in my childhood. This is just one of them and there's a little more to come. :)