Hello my beautiful readers!

A lot of girls struggle with their height, and I feel you girl, I am 5'1! Yes, I am so freaking tiny, and sometimes I wish I was taller and sometimes I'm good with how tall am I.

But have you ever been in that moment when you are trying something in a mall, boutique and you say: If I was taller this would look better on me.?

I've been in that situation, but ther are clothes that are perfect for us! I'm going to tell you some clothes to look taller!

Short pants

Wearing pants is a struggle, specially for short girls. Wearing pants that are cut before your ankle make a big difference in your height! If you dont want to cut just bend them!

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Low rise shoes

If you are short, low rise shoes, sneakers, heals, are the best for you! But if you like wearing high rise shoes, you have to know that you have to wear pants or jeans that the top is higher than your shoes to still look taller!

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Vertical pants

Vertical pants are one of the best pants to wear if you want to look like a Victoria's Secret model! And it's even better when they are high waisted.

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V neck dress/shirt

This type of shirts/dresses helps to make your chest look longer! If you want a picture for your Instagram from your waist to your head you must be wearing this type of clothes!

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So hope this helped and send me a message if you have any questions about it!

I love you so much guys!