So today was my first experience of guy drama.
This guy who I will call Paddington for now
So I was in one of my classes and was doing some work in the commons
And then....
Something Happened......
So I went into the class to get a piece of paper for my work (keep in mind that Paddington and another kid was in the class) and when I walked in....
This is what the other kid said....
"When are you going to ask her out?"
Then Paddington said and looked at me
"Did you hear anything?"
I didnt respond
He asked again...
I said No then he said
"If you heard anything tell me"
I said "Okay...bye"
And walked out of the class and back to my work
Im still a little shook about it and dunno what to do
Maybe it was a coincidence or not...
But im SHOOK
My friend Kaori Helped me write this
Any advise about this situation?