Make a list of five things that make you happy:

1. My family
I don't know if y'all believe in astrology but Taurus are said to be really posessive and conservative about their own belongings. I feel like that regarding my family members. I am really attached to them. Well who isn't? It doesn't depends on your astrological sign for you to decide if you like your family or not right. But i feel like most of my hapiness i owe it to them. They are forever a part of me, and i'll be forever grateful to them for letting me be me. Though we might fight, argue and have our own opinions, we are one. Even though we are very different in minds, our hearts speaks the same language. And i think true love comes from here. From family, which is the social base of any human being. What's a family without a mother and a father? and their children? Then where does love come from? Family give it all its strength. It is where love gets birth and continues to grow, except it never dies. It never fades away.

2. Snails
Snails makes me happy. I like those slow moving creatures. I know they aren't as beautiful and slaying as sea turtles that are seen everywhere as necklaces decoration. But in some way i really appreciate observing them in their environment. I read so much facts about them that i could narrate their whole living process for hours and hours without getting tired. Truth is you'd get sick of me for doing it so mindfully never ask if not prepared.

I can't tell why they make me so happy, but they do. Just by being there, and doing what they do i.e. covering the earth with their mucus.

3. Daisy
I'm the kind of girl that would pick any daisy over a dozen of roses. I think this flower is so under rated. Some people even consider it as a weed. I don't think so. Just because it is wild yet carries no spine like the rose. In fact, i think that all its beauty resides in its wilderness. How it will daringly grow anywhere it wants to and spreads over miles and miles of yards. White petals with a big yellow pollen button. It has such a precise shape yet you'd never pick up a daisy with the same number of petals. I like its smell and i like her white silk over her green stem. I like the way it bends over the wind and let her go away without any resistance. I like the way she resists from being picked up though and finally how she let herself dies in the hands of strangers who only account to see how much their lover cares for them by her number of petals. I like how she is just and yet is still so much free.

4. I like pugs
I just like them because they're cute. They are nothing of what a dog should be i.e. a guardian, frightening to thieves, fit and tall, strong. They're just a mass of meat, without even a proper muzzle ( which makes their sneezing very cute) and their barking is really funny. They're just clumsy dogs with clumsy manners. They can't even run. I don't mean to be rude but you'd like them as people like people diagnosed down syndrome. Before you just yell at me for being offensive, i didn't mean to be rude or whatever. I don't think there is anything bad with that. In fact i am really fond of those people. I think there are truly the best for living such lives and yet being so happy. Like what is wrong with us for not being as happy as them? There are so much care free... As if they are living up in their own minds. And i'd like to be part of that world. We see them just as people trying to fit in a society that isn't fit to them but i think that from their point of view, we are the one to be sad for.I know i just made a transition from pug to down syndrome and i don't know how you're taking that but let's just assume that it's okay. right?
well i've been working and interacting with people suffering from mental dissabilities for so long and i think we have so much to learn from them. Trying to make them understand our world is of no use, instead we should try to understand theirs. It so much wonderful, why would they just quit it to adapt to ours/ though some are diagnosed this syndrome since early childhood i don't regard this as a sickness. Nor a blessing i'd say. I just think that most of us are meant to be huskies, labrador, even no race dog or under raced by some... and some are just meant to be pugs. I'm not saying that a brand of dog marks it personality. Some says the dog adjust to its owner. But there is something in those pugs that will always make them who they are no matter what. And i'd always love them unconditionnaly regardless of the prejudices carried on them.

5. ...
Still looking for it