cookies or cake?

Cookies, food, and sweet image aesthetic and beige image

cat or dogs?
they are both the cutest lil sprouts ever, but im personally a dog person :;(โˆฉยด๏น`โˆฉ);:

cat, animal, and aesthetic image dog, cute, and animal image

computer games or video games?
video games

pop music or rock music?
pop music, even tho i like soft rock music

stuffed animals or dolls?
stuffed animals all the way

Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, rilakkuma, and bear image

pancakes or waffles?
i love these thicc belgium waffles

hot chocolate or coffee?

food, coffee, and aesthetic image coffee, drink, and aesthetic image

morning or evening?

theme, sky, and sunset image Image by j.

day or night?

aesthetic, night, and station image aesthetic, city, and alternative image

text message or call?
text message, but i prefer an person 2 person conversation

library or museums?

french or spanish?

summer or winter?
summer, i really dont like the winter in my country

Image by mery travel, ocean, and place image

theatre or cinema?

love or money?
love love love

tattoo and tumblr image aesthetic and theme image

book or movie?

book and paris image aesthetic image

tea or coffee?

chocolate or vanilla?

coca cola or pepsi?
coca cola

rain or snow?
i dont really like either of them, if im inside i prefer rain and if im outside i prefer snow (เน‘หƒฬตแด—ห‚ฬต)

city, grunge, and indie image japan, rain, and aesthetic image

hamburgers or hotdogs?

boat or plane?

painting or drawing?
i like to draw more, but i love watching paintings

Temporarily removed art, eye, and painting image

reading or writing?

singing or dancing?
im not good at both, but i love dancing

t-shirts or sweaters?
do you want to see my wardrobe? i think you have the answer then. sweaters ;)

ulzzang, girl, and aesthetic image aesthetic, fashion, and indie image

flowers or trees?

flowers, pink, and aesthetic image flowers, aesthetic, and grunge image

gold or silver?

frozen yoghurt or ice cream?
ice cream is my middle name

ice cream, food, and aesthetic image food, ice cream, and aesthetic image

straight or curly hair?
for myself i prefer straight hair, because i cant handle curly hair whoops

roses or daisies?

rose, flowers, and red image rose, flowers, and red image

mcdonalds or burger king?
mcdonalds, but actually neither of them. sorry not sorry

living room or bedroom?

white, aesthetic, and bed image bed, macbook, and plant image

bagels or toast?
both, im an big big big bread lover

food, aesthetic, and coffee image food, aesthetic, and coffee image

swim in a pool or the sea?
a pool

flowers, marrakech, and sunset image sun, sunset, and nature image

sweet or salty?
sweeter than sweet

leather or lace?

alaska or hawaii?

nature and photography image aesthetic, leaves, and orange image

shower or tub?

mountains or beach?

beach image sky, aesthetic, and blue image

freedom or hope?

being too warm or too cold?
too cold

online shopping or in-person shopping?
in-person shopping

writing poetry or reading poetry?
reading poetry

red, beautiful, and aesthetic image lips, red, and makeup image

hope you enjoyed reading this article! ๐Ÿ’—

by the way,
if you ever feel like talking to someone or making friends,
you can always hit me up if you want to!

for now have a good morning, good afternoon or good night,

and try to spread love and be yourself,

love, me x