Hello beautiful person!
I think the title is pretty self explanatory so....
Here we go


flowers, rose, and red image Temporarily removed flowers, colors, and pink image flowers, nature, and photography image
My favorite flowers are roses and carnations.


Image by Brenda Tamara clouds, sky, and storm image nature, storm, and clouds image Temporarily removed
I find them facinating. A rainy night with lightnings would be perfect for me.


cat image Temporarily removed cat, cute, and animal image b&w, blackandwhite, and blue image
I love dogs too but I´m totally a cat person.


heels, pink, and classe image shoes, fashion, and heels image fashion, black, and shoes image accesories, beauty, and colors image
Wearing heels makes me feel so confident and powerful. And also, they are really pretty.


city, sunset, and sky image sunset, beach, and summer image summer, sunset, and sky image beach, sunset, and beautiful image
I think sunsets and sunrises are a work of art. If you could see my camera roll you would find thousands of pictures of sunsets.


Image removed makeup, eyeshadow, and eyes image makeup, beauty, and eyes image Image removed
Idk, makeup makes me feel pretty. Take me to Sephora and I will be there for hours and come out poor.

Fries & Pizza

Temporarily removed pizza, food, and fries image cool, delicious, and food image food, fries, and yummy image
You give me food and my heart is yours.


chic, fashion, and girl image beauty, body, and classy image necklace, fashion, and jewelry image nails, black, and rings image
Rings and necklaces are my obsession.


Temporarily removed dance, ballet, and city image ballet, dance, and ballerina image ballet, ballerina, and black and white image
I love to dance, in general. I used to be a ballerina, since little I was pasionate about it. Now, I just love to go watch the ballet.


book, sun, and reading image book, library, and reading image book, library, and vintage image article, autumn, and books image
The smell of old books is one of my favorites. I could get lost for hours in a bookstore. My future home will definitely have a big library.

Finally, although technically there are a lot more things that I love (this could be endless article), I also love music and quotes.

I will make other posts with quotes, playlist and books I recommend or love.
Stay tuned!