You know who you are,
That girl who asked an autistic boy
That boy who asked a girl with Down's Syndrome
To the prom.

My cousin is autistic,
A girl has asked him to prom.
Was that on the news?
No, it was news to my family.

However, I see articles like
"A girl who has special needs was asked to prom by crush
In front of the whole school this week."
I have a choice to ignore these kinds of articles.

But do I want an article saying,
"Girl with ADHD is asked to prom"?
Hell the fuck no, I don't.
I just want to get asked to prom,
That's it.

It's nothing special.
Plus, who are you stroking,
The ones who asked,
Probably dared to ask.

Because in reality,
Those kids are just charity cases
That you pity.