In physics, the higher the level you fall from the stronger the force. And in life, the higher your expectations and your hopes the harder you break. And in love, the stronger you're attached and the higher you've flown, the harder you fall and the harder you crash. And there I was, standing on one of the highest skyscrapers, believing that our love was meant to be, that "we" were meant to be. But there you were telling me to jump, you promised to catch me, you vowed you'd never let go. And I fell, I fell fast, hard, believing you'd catch me. You were always there, watching as I fell, making sure I'm at my full speed and when you saw me getting closer, you left and allowed me to crash.

It was painful, damaging, and full of agony. I couldn't stand up, I called and called and the only time you looked back was the time you laughed at my overflowing blood.

You broke me but surprise jerk, I'm back. Strong and fully recovered.