Hello Sunshine ☀

#1 Hands

hands, harry potter, and remus lupin image hands, min yoongi, and suga image dark, grunge, and guys image Temporarily removed
Have you ever caught yourself staring at boys veiny arms? I have. Well, that's hot...

#2 Eyelashes

Image removed cafe, espanol, and eye image beauty, eyebrows, and eyelashes image baby, eyelashes, and beauty image
I mean, is there anything in this world that is more beautiful than long and thick eyelashes?

#3 Lips

beauty, girl, and girly image Image removed lips, pink, and beautiful image bts, jimin, and kpop image
Ok. I wont comment this one.

#4 Adam's apple

boys, human, and neck image exo, chanyeol, and kpop image boy, smoke, and Hot image Temporarily removed
Some people don't like this, but...WHAT? Really? That's addicting.

#5 Jawline

boy, jawline, and blue eyes image jessica alba, blonde, and beauty image bts, jimin, and park jimin image jawline, sharp, and jimin image
I wont comment this one either.

#6 Books

book, harry potter, and candle image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic image
Books are the most addicting things on the planet. You just don't want to put them down sometimes.

#7 The sunset and the sunrise

sky, skyline, and sunset image aesthetic, palm trees, and paradise image Temporarily removed Image removed
These are the two main reasons why my windows are open.

#8 The ocean

beach, sea, and ocean image explore, nature, and ocean image blue, blue sea, and paradise image gif, blue, and aesthetic image
I want to live near the ocean. That's my dream. I just really like it. It's always beautiful.

#9 The rain

rain, book, and gif image rain, candle, and gif image gif, anime, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
I know, rain may call depression, but it's freaking beautiful.

#10 Art

Temporarily removed art, picasso, and guitar image museum and place image art, inspiration, and museum image
What do I do besides reading books and staring at veiny hands? I admire art. This is the real addiction.

Thank you so much dear hearters for reading this.♡

- Love Yourself