Social anxiety is so misunderstood.
People would say "Oh you're just a bit shy, thats normal don't worry. I feel like that sometimes as well."

I mean.. I actually HAVE social anxiety.. I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist.. they gave me medication..
If it was just being shy or introvert the psychiatrist would have told me right?

I even bought a book about what Social Anxiety is and left it on the table for my mum to read. I desperately wanted her to do so.
She never did.
Of course, why would you read a book on something that will pass, it is just a short period in my life right, I will grow over it right?

Well news flash! No, probably not. I will have to practice and of course I will eventually feel more secure about talking to people, or being in certain situations that normally would have triggered me. But I honestly do not think I will ever be completely normal, never be completely over it. Sadly.