Yo, What's up ???!!!

Today it's MY BIRTHDAY!! YEAH I'm 19 ;) and also I'm back today for show you 10 Make up for Night out, party, Girls night.
If you want makeup for springs don't forget to tell me!

I hope you like it !

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Love you xoxo

makeup, beauty, and eyes image
1. Orange glow.
makeup image
2. Pink.
Image removed
3. Nude.
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4. Pink with black glow.
makeup, girl, and beauty image
5. Brown nude.
makeup, beauty, and blue image
6. Blue glow.
makeup, eyes, and beauty image
7. Dark brown glow.
makeup, melanin, and beautiful image
8. Simple.
makeup, eyes, and beauty image
9. Glowing.
girl, eyebrows, and makeup image
10. Orange nude.