Hello people! ⚡️ Today I'll show you the outfits I wore last week, I don't have a large amount of clothes but I have many items I can match in different ways 💁🏻


red jumper, grey/black high waisted jeans, pumas, black shopper bag

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outfit for: university


turtleneck white jumper, black ripped jeans, white converse, beige coat and burberry-style scarf

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed converse, shoes, and white image fashion, outfit, and scarf image
outfit for: university


pink sweater, ripped blue jeans, pumas, black shoulder bag

beautiful, comfy, and fashion image bag, black, and fashion image puma, rihanna, and puma fenty image blue, fashion, and girl image
outfit for: university


blue tight jumper (put inside) high waisted jeans, bag for-work-style, flat elegant black shoes

fashion, style, and outfit image jeans, aesthetic, and style image black, black shoes, and casual fashion image amsterdam, autumn, and bag image
outfit for: university


beige jumper, grey/black high waisted jeans, red shoulder bag, black boots

glasses, sweater, and tumblr image Image by Zoee Temporarily removed Image removed
outfit for: university


yellow shirt, black and white striped trousers, black sockboots, black clutch

fashion, yellow, and hair image fashion, outfit, and style image shoes, fashion, and style image Image by Rosanna
outfit for: night out with friends


boyfriend's shirt, sporty and comfy pants, slippers and nothing else

Mature image Temporarily removed pink, Michael Kors, and shoes image Image removed
outfit for: day at my boyfriend's house
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Hope you liked it! 🍃
Lots of love
Fede 🖤