I feel like i hear this phrase practically everywhere. Ironically, it became everyone’s motto, everyone’s ultimate “guide” to life. It’s inscribed on every other instagram account, but only few understand what lies beneath those words. Those 2 words, to be exact. BE YOURSELF. And I’m gonna drift away here for a second.
The fact: people don’t love each other the way they used to. The love for the fellow human being is fading with every single day that passes. The love for stranger is gone. The love for a friend is gone. Human being does not care about other human being. And therefore, our bonds became so fragile, we don’t even notice when they’re completely gone. But why, why is this happening? Why do we fail to grasp the core of the universe, the start of everything, why exactly do we fail to grasp the love, and share it with the people around us?

The fact: people are becoming more materialistic with every day that passes. So once again, My question is why? Why is this happening, when deep down we are sure that this is not what we’re meant to be. We are here for a reason, for a higher reason, which bears the spiritual meaning so strong, that truly acknowledging it will make us unstoppable. Truly- unstoppable. But the question remains unanswered and I won’t stop here.
So, I was thinking about all of this, about the fading love, lack of compassion, materialism...and noticed, how interwoven these concepts are. One leads to another.. Just like that. But where does it stop, what exactly does it lead to? Well, the last stop, at least for now, is the “identity loss” where you just can’t be yourself anymore. Or you can, but the whole tragedy is that, unfortunately, you just can not see you, can not see the person hidden behind this mask. And you, therefore, are convinced that this mask is all that is left in your life, so you just play on, on and on..
It’s such a paradox that the people you are not emotionally drawn to, are the ones you try to impress the most. But how are you doing that? Materialistically, of course. Isn’t it so heartbreaking, that most of our bonds with fellow human beings are only based on the love of all the material “goodnesses”? So the mask i was talking about, is that materialistic shield, which prevents us from blessing the world with our existence. When we embrace who we truly are , take all those layers of masks off, and get back to being our raw and un-altered selves, we automatically start striving towards those higher purposes. Only when we learn to take that shield off, great, great things will start happening.
Dear human reading this, BE YOURSELF!