I'm mad. I'm so mad right now! I just had my last period of Dutch and we had to read an article and solve questions about it. Not too big of a deal, I like Dutch and it's not that what made me this mad. It was the article.

The article we had to read was called "The curse of feminism" by Andreas Kinneging. I tried to find it in English but I couldn't. I did include the link to the Dutch text. If you can read Dutch, I strongly encourage you to read it. It's offensive, rude and so shallow!


Right now, you're probably wondering what the article is about, so I'll tell you. It says that the population in Europe is decreasing and that feminism is the cause. A sentence in the text is: "Women were meant to be breeding machines, they have to take care of their children and they belong behind the stove". When I read that, my blood started boiling, I swear.

The author says that because women have been getting more rights in the last decades, they start having careers, they start caring for themselves for once. This leads to them producing (not my words) less children so Europe will become extinct in the future... Please let that sink in for a while.

As you might have guessed, the text was written by a man. He thinks men are the only ones who can do what they please, to have a nice job, to get paid, to care about themselves... LIKE WHAT? How shallow is that! We don't deserve rights because we are women? It's called HUMAN rights and as far as I know, women are not any less human so those "unneeded women rights" he's referring to are so discriminating!

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I'm very well aware that I'm expressing my anger through this article and maybe I shouldn't, but I don't want to keep silent about things like this, even if it was just a stupid article in my Dutch book. It just really upsets me that women have to fight for the same rights men have, just because they are women! Why do we deserve less? We are more than just breeding machines!

For decades, we have been fighting for equality and slowly but surely, we're getting there. People like this Andrea-guy who make articles like these without even a little bit of doubt, make me sad. It proves that we still have a long way to go and it shouldn't be this way.

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Ever since women started getting rights, so many things have changed. Women have gotten a voice! I can't even imagine why people don't doubt an only-men-government. Men and women are different, in a good way! You need the point of view of a woman when 50% of the world is female! How come that for ages this world was led by only men when literally half of it's content was female?! Because we're less?

I strongly plead for the opposite of that article. I hope feminism keeps growing in the future because we deserve it. If you ask me, the future has tits.

Lots of love,
x H.

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